How to Fill Large Gouges in Wood

How do you fill large gouges in wood

First, you need to choose a material for filling the hole. Filler is a type of resin that remains pliable for a short period of time and hardens very quickly. Once you have a suitable material, you should scrape away the foreign matter and mix a marble-sized ball of hardener and filler. If you’re using a putty knife, you can cut the filler to the proper size.


If your wood is damaged by large gouges, it might be time to get an epoxy filler. This two-component filler is ideal for repairing large gouges in wood, and it also benefits other surfaces, including car body parts. Unlike other fillers, epoxy is not a primer, so it must be used separately. It can also be used as a wood filler, called 2K. It can be applied with a spatula, syringe, or brush.

You can mix the two-part epoxy with a consolidant before applying it. A stiff putty knife will help you blend the two-part epoxy. Make sure to label each part carefully so you don’t mix the two parts. The resulting epoxy repair will be more durable and will outlast the surrounding wood. It may also be easier to work with than a thicker filler. In either case, you can expect to see a hardened surface a few days after the repair.

Wood putty

While wood putty is often used to fill gouges and cracks in wood furniture, it’s not always the best choice for bigger repair jobs. It doesn’t set up properly on unfinished wood, and it is best used after staining or finishing the wood to prevent the putty from affecting the finish. Wood putty can be sanded, but its chemical composition makes it unsuitable for repairing large gouges or cracks in finished wood.

While there are many types of wood putty, they all contain boiled linseed oil, calcium carbonate, and a universal colorant. Puttys are oil-based and don’t shrink or crack like wood filler. Unlike wood filler, however, puttys cannot be stained or sanded, and they should be applied to a finished product that contains a sealant.

Varathane fill stick

The Varathane Fill Stick is a great product for covering scratches and gouges in wood. The pre-colored formula fills nail holes and covers scratches instantly. And it dries in less than 10 minutes. No more patching and waiting for a new coat of varnish. Whether the damage is minor or large, this product will fix the problem and leave your furniture looking like new.

If the gouge is only superficial, Varathane Fill Stick is the best product for the job. These fillers come in ten realistic-looking colors and match most wood grains and finishes. While they are not designed to cover deep gouges, they are effective for smoothing out surface imperfections. Fill Stick can be used on wood floors, furniture, trim, cabinets, and more. It can be applied over a variety of wood surfaces, from rough surfaces to highly detailed, carved pieces.

Elmers water-based wood filler

There are several different types of wood filler available, including the Elmers water-based wood filler. This is the most common type of filler because of its high strength and durability. The Elmers Carpenter’s Stainable Wood Filler is a good example of this type of wood filler. It is available in a variety of colors, and is durable enough to cover large gouges and holes.

Elmers water-based wood filler for larger gouges in wood is a relatively inexpensive option, but it is only available in small containers. It cannot be used as easily as other types of filler, but it can be effective in filling large holes and cracks. You can purchase a sample to see whether it works well on your gouges. When using this product, make sure to leave it for several days before you apply stains or paints. The surface may be rough before staining it.


Pc-Woody wood repair epoxy paste is the perfect solution for repairing large areas of damaged wood. Because of its high tack formula, this product will not sag or drip during the drying process. In addition, once dry, it will maintain its shape without requiring further sanding. If the damaged area is large, it may require multiple applications. However, the finished product will appear seamless and unnoticeable.

The formula for PC-Woody is composed of two parts: part A and part B. Together, they form a powerful epoxy paste capable of enduring a range of environments. The two components are mixed to equal parts and can be used on wood, plastic, and other rigid surfaces. P.C. Woody comes in two-, three-, and four-packs.

Minwax’s product

Wood fillers come in different colors and can be used on different types of wood. Stainable wood filler is meant for use on small gouges, cracks and nail holes in unfinished wood. Stainable wood filler also offers a long shelf life, but does not harden. Nevertheless, the product should be thoroughly cleaned with acetone after use.

For repairing holes, split or cracked wood, Minwax High-Performance Wood Filler is an excellent solution. It is water and weather-resistant. And it can be stained, too! You can also apply this wood filler to the split surface to make the wood appear like it’s made of real wood. And the best part? It’s completely rot and water resistant.